Dr Derrick SLTWould you like to connect with an organization that is in need of a ophthalmologist or optometrist, or a team that has a short term need? Check out the opportunities for Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.

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Adopt a Missionary

adoptAdopt A
CEN knows many young men and women who are giving their lives to serve in developing areas around the globe.  Let us introduce you to them and prayerfully consider adopting an Ophthalmology Missionary. Get AMP'd!!!

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Mission Stories

JanieYoo ZambiaRead and listen to stories from this niche community that will encourage, challenge and inspire you...and even make you laugh. You will see God as both Author and central character in the larger story.

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Ophthalmology Missions - Get Involved!

How does one get involved in missions? Specifically, in medical missions?

We believe that being involved in "missions" does not necessarily mean going overseas. There are so many different ways to get involved that the sky is the limit! We just encourage you to jump in and do something. You have something to offer!

Here are a few ways you can be involved:

  • Consider sponsoring or adopting an ophthalmic or optometric missionary? Click here.
  • Would you like to connect with a team that is going on a short term trip? Click here, and give us a call.
  • Would you want to talk with someone who is doing international ophthalmology? Look at the opportunities listed.
  • globalsight.org), our sister organization, and look at the educational and training opportunities they have to offer.)
  • Would you like to dialogue more with like-minded doctors about how they have involved themselves in missions? Contact us at info@christianeye.net.
  • Consider a local mission in your community and tell us how we can help or let us tell others about what you are doing…it may be an encouragement to others.

Dr Pajka in SurgeryBe a part of our community!  We invite you to get involved and explore the various ways you can serve a world that is in need of sight both physically and spiritually.

We want to share stories from this niche community that will encourage, challenge and inspire CEN members to think outside the box and pray about God's mission and vision for their lives. If you have a special presentation like a Powerpoint presentation, an article, or a Youtube video, please submit it to us so that we can share it with the community.

We hope to see great gains as we exchange ideas and opportunities, pray for and support one another, and share our front-line experiences with one another. We encourage participation in our community.

The great thing about the body of Christ in action is that we each have different gifts and they can all be used for Christ's Glory!

Contact us at info@christianeye.net and fill out our survey to the right. It will help us direct you to begin your involvement in your specific "mission field"!



Get Involved

Share with us how you are most interested in getting involved in our community and more specifically how you see being involved in a "mission field".

Share how you would like to be involved
Share with us here about your mission field or where you are called or may be called.

MSICS Training for Surgeons


GSA logow tagl

There is tremendous need for a very good cataract procedure where phacoemulsification technology is either not available or too expensive to provide to the masses that need surgery. Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) is the perfect surgery for much of the world: it is inexpensive, effective, produces minimal astigmatism, sutureless, safe, relatively quick to perform and is relatively simple to learn with good instruction. If you have an interest in doing medical missions in the future, strongly consider MSICS training. Our friends at Global Sight Alliance and Vision Outreach International would love to assist you! Click on the links below to learn more.

MSICS Online Classroom
MSICS Training Camps

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