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Los Angeles Area - Practice Seeking Like-Minded Comprehensive/General Ophthalmologist

An easy to talk to, friendly, gracious, humble, insightful Los Angeles area ophthalmologist is looking for another talented doctor to join him in a mission to develop a Christ-centered, Kingdom-centered practice -- A mission outpost that just happens to be a great eye care practice. The office culture is unique in that the doctor sees his practice as an act of worship and asks the staff to join him daily in devotions or worship so they can align themselves with God before they begin the day.

He doesn’t want to run hard full-time by himself so he is looking for other like-minded doctors with similar life goals who see themselves as missionaries.

The doctor has a good reputation in the area and the staff work well together. They are in a 2200 sq ft. building that was recently renovated with new equipment installed. Currently, they have 5 lanes and they have plans to add more. The incoming doctor will enjoy the fact that an ACS is being built in the same complex as their office. Initially, the incoming doctor can expect to see about 20+ patients/day with those numbers increasing yearly.

The first year salary will be guaranteed. Also, the doctor wants the practice to be the incoming doctor’s venture as well, and would like to offer a 2-3 year partnership track.

Because of its proximity to a large Korean population, some basic, rudimentary speaking and hearing ability of the Korean language is a must.

Southern California has a tremendous amount to offer anyone – great weather, ethnic diversity, fantastic educational opportunities, and a wide variety of cultural, entertainment, and outdoor activities.

To learn more, please submit your C.V. and cover letter to info@christianeye.net.


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